The Roar of Our Stars Round 2: Chat 1

Icon credits: First and Second.

shillelaghins: I was talking to Kaapo earlier.
He said you’re having internet problems?

aqualasss: yeah
Things have been okay today
But since I don’t know what was going on, I can’t help feeling kinda ansty about it.

Garrett was in his room, sleeping off a late night with his buddies. As she passed his door, Aronshy shook her head. Buddies. He didn’t even like them. But he was so careful. She couldn’t blame him. Even if she didn’t like any of it.

Backpack slung over her shoulder, she scooted out the door, careful to lock it behind her. It was going to be a very long day. Best to safeguard Garrett from it as well as she could. Living with a sleepwalker could be tough.

Outside, the early autumn morning reached right through her school uniform to chill her bones. She hunched her shoulders against it.

Ronit would know how to help Kaapo. At the very least, she could talk him into alerting the authorities to his situation. Something. Aronshy set her jaw in grim determination as she boarded the school bus and found a seat at the back.

Her friends would join her over the next few stops, but for the moment, she was glad of the time to think. It was a thorny problem. Kaapo had done his time in jail, but she didn’t know how the police viewed him. Hopefully, the worst thing they’d do would be to ignore him.

Aronshy propped up her chin with a fist. Moving house would only be caving to bullies, and it wouldn’t necessarily stop them. Not for long, anyway. Garrett had done that. “And look where he is,” she grumbled to herself.

Promises were one thing. Delivery had never been Ronit’s strong point.

She chewed the end of her thumb, glaring at her computer screen. It wasn’t that she was a flake. She just tended to promise the sky. “While I myself am pitifully ground-bound.” She twirled a finger in her hair, waiting for thelibrarian to change from grey to green in her chat client.

She knew nothing about the Finnish judicial system, and had no idea how much help she could be. Besides that, he hadn’t brought it up when they’d spoken before. It had just been small talk. She’d woken up a few hours before her alarm, thanks to yet another nightmare. Kaapo had been ready with his dream analysis book, but she hadn’t been in the mood. They’d mostly joked that she ought to speak to Delia about it.

A grudging smile nearly broke through Ronit’s gloom. Dreams were certainly Delia’s domain. Although it did worry Ronit to consider some of the other things that fell under that umbrella.

Her thoughts immediately shifted from this train as grey turned to green. She pulled her legs up under her on the computer chair and typed a quick greeting.

Kaapo didn’t answer right away. For a few lip-worrying moments, she was afraid that she’d phrased things poorly, and started typing a lengthy apology. But then he answered with an apology of his own. A sudden influx of paperwork dumped on his desk almost as soon as he thought it was safe to log in and goof around for a few minutes.

Her face felt almost numb with relief. Her offer to talk later was shrugged off, and he told her the whole story, in his customarily casual manner.

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