My writing habits are STUPID

Nevertheless, this is actually a positive post. Lately I have had the dumbest habits with my writing. Instead of writing first thing when I wake up, I mess about and feel all garby. I think I have convinced myself to give up this novel business two times already.

But what really happens is that I end up writing bits and pieces throughout the day using Novel in 30, and 750 Words. I use Evernote and email to bridge the gap between them.

It’s sort of hard writing on an iPad. It definitely takes longer, but considering how easy it is to pick it up and put it down, I do get a lot more writing done, especially while waiting around for the dang pharmacy to fill a prescription. Got about 200 words there.

In fact, it’d be fair to say that the app I’m using to write this novel on the iPad is probably a pretty big reason that I haven’t stopped writing. It keeps track of the days I’ve been writing, and like 750 Words, if I stopped, I would shame myself with my own self. I’m a little bit super lame.

I finish by the end of the day, but it’s really exhausting. I get that blah feeling of, “but I don’t wanna work!” and also string out the work making it even more draining. I actually fell asleep while writing earlier today.

I have about 12,000 words and four complete chapters. This one might be even longer than the last one, as the ratio of story time passed to chapters written is kind of ridiculous (the first four chapters take place over about 24 hours). I’m also writing with POV changes. All in third person, but following each of the three major characters as the focal POV in a cycle.

That used to be a pretty common way for me to write, but it does mean that less time passes in the story. I might pick it up when the characters start spending more time together.

So far, a new character has been introduced. He’s going to be a nuisance fanboy who ends up having some pretty bizarre powers for what he is. Or maybe his bizarre powers are normal, but his people are so ridonkulous that they’re just useless in the workplace.

I dunno. He’s half-named after Lee Mack, but in a really stupid way. He is also nothing at all like Lee Mack.

Also been spending a lot of time listening to music. I kind of wonder what kind of novel would come from this song, were we able to translate that sort of thing with minimal time and maximum results.


One thought on “My writing habits are STUPID

  1. Well, looks like you are doing well with your writing, still having doubts from time to time… that’s good, doubt is your mind saying take a break… let me buffer.
    Music… I always say it stimulates the mind by provoking your emotions.
    Good luck and keep it up :)

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