Local holiday break

Today is full of stuff, and I have not yet had time to start on Round 4 of The Roar of Our Stars, so I’m going to skip updating that today. I don’t think anyone will mind. I’ve also sort of let the transcript-posting slip, but I’m sure I’ll have time to catch up. Inclination on the other hand… eheh.

This morning, I shook off–at least temporarily–the bad writing habits in which I have been indulging lately. I started writing as soon as I woke up, and finally managed to pull myself away to shower after I’d finished the first half of the chapter.

Still mostly writing in Novel in 30. I rather wonder if it’ll cut me off once I reach the set goal of 50,000 words. That would be a bad thing, since I’m fairly to entirely certain that this is going to be much longer than that. I don’t think it’ll cut me off though. For one thing, it doesn’t stop me from editing writing from previous days.

One bad habit that’s come up (or rather, resurfaced), is that I haven’t written more than one chapter a day. I think I tend to see the division of days in the app to be dividing chapters, and it’s nice to have them so easily picked out when I need to refer to a previous chapter. But if I keep up the pace of one chapter a day, then that gives me a minimum cap of 30 chapters, obviously with enough time allotted. The last story had 25 plus an epilogue.

I haven’t had a chance to edit that story since I finished editing the first two chapters. I probably won’t today either.

Something funny about the one I’m writing now is that I keep getting pulled off-track. The characters are supposed to be leaving for another world, but they keep getting attachments in the one they started in. One has a failed romantic entanglement, while another has attracted an unwanted one.

So I fudged the time a little and moved them up to the day when they are supposed to leave. The unwanted love interest will tag along, and I rather want the failed one to show up later on, so that awkwardness may ensue.

I’m still having trouble writing romantic elements, but I think these ones will be more successful (in my eyes) than the last ones. Too easy and too subtle before. Bluh. These have failure and sweet, sweet resistance.



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