Laney Coats

It’s been a while since I actually drew something in Corel Painter 9 and not just scribbling. I had three characters planned, but this one is gonna hafta do since my hand hurts and I’m really tired. The pose is still too static, but it’s better than what I had planned. Let’s just say… Liefeld pretzel.

This is Laney Coats. She is not ablino, it’s a style choice that I just sort of went with. It’s two-minute contes, don’t expect much.

She has a variety of INTERESTS. Among them is an inexplicable fascination with ELEPHANTS and VINTAGE RECORDS. Although she is an expert on GHOSTS she does not believe they exist. She dabbles in PHOTOREALISTIC ART but for some reason the MURALS she has painted on her walls depict ENTROPY SCREWED SIDEWAYS. She also plays video games but only REALLY TERRIBLE BEAT-EM-UPS, especially ones that are UNWINNABLE BY MISTAKE.

…her pesterhandle is graphicalExorcist.

That was just fun. I can’t draw scenes at effing all, so I won’t inflict any more lame Homestuck jokes on this, but that was amusing.


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