GoldStruck: Enter name

Edit: Heh, forgot to say, this is a silly thing I’m doing with Dither.

A girl hides under her bed. It’s too dark to see what she looks like, but her previous appearance on this blog as a humble jpeg acts as a ready aid to memory. It’s stuffy and hot UNDER THE BED, and there is no light peeking in under the skirt of the bedsheet.

> Get out from under the bed.

No way!

How can you expect her to take orders when you don’t even know her name?

> Enter name.


> Be Laney.

Your name is LANEY. You are a scared TEENAGE GIRL hiding from a DEADLY BUGABOO. You have never actually seen one, but you know that they are REAL, unlike the mind-bogglingly fake GHOSTS that you know everything about.

A few minutes ago, the lights in your room went out, and you wasted no time darting under the bed, thanks to not being AN IDIOT. There are a lot of THINGS that lurk in the DARK. They’re not going to get you as long as you have anything to say about it.

> Get out from under the bed.

Weren’t you listening? There are THINGS out there! You’ll have to arm yourself first.

> Retrieve arms from under bed.

It’s too dark to look for your KNIVES. Even though you have a lot of them, and UNDER THE BED is where you keep them, it probably isn’t a good idea to just feel around for them.


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