> Laney: Overcome fear of THINGS in the DARK

This is a collaboration. I don’t know if there is actually a reading order, but it started here.

> Laney: Overcome fear of THINGS in the DARK.

Fear is a healthy response to many things. Especially to the knowledge of ELDRITCH TERRORS lurking nearby.

You’re not going out there unless the lights come back on or you find a weapon.

> Laney: Ignore common sense and feel around for knives.

Throwing caution to the wind suspiciously capable of reaching you UNDER THE BED, you grope the floor around you.



Thanks to your dumb move, you now have one of your KNIVES. One of your viciously sharp, expertly balanced, sharp, sharp knives.

Somehow, you also still have all of your fingers. You are also bleeding profusely. You should probably do something about that.

> Laney: Staunch blood flow with t-shirt.

That would require you to take your shirt off, and there’s not enough room to do that. Besides, it’s your favourite shirt. It’s also made of very thin fabric and probably wouldn’t soak up a nosebleed.

> Laney: Get out from under the bed already.

You equip the SUPER SHARP KNIFE (first wiping the blood off on the carpet) and crawl out from UNDER THE BED.

You are now standing in your room.

> Examine room.

It’s too dark to do that.

But after spending seventeen years sleeping and screwing around in this bedroom, you know it well enough.

Your walls are covered in posters for VIDEO GAMES with A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF SEQUELS and ACTORS YOU DON’T EVEN RECOGNISE. They’re very useful for covering up the HOLES in the walls.

Your VARIOUS HOBBIES AND INTERESTS are collected in a corner, around your EASEL. ART SUPPLIES make up the bulk of it, but there are also plenty of VINTAGE RECORDS and an apropos RECORD PLAYER.

There are also ELEPHANTS everywhere. Hot skippy but you love ELEPHANTS.

Beyond that corner, the floor is relatively free of clutter, making it less hazardous to walk around in the DARK. This is not the first time the lights have decided to play SILLY BUGGERS with you.

That’s enough about your room. Blood loss is beginning to make you dizzy.

You can also hear the tell-tale slithering of a WANDERING TENTACLED SALIVATTACKER on the other side of your bedroom door.

2 thoughts on “> Laney: Overcome fear of THINGS in the DARK

  1. I live in a very quiet neighbor hood, any sound wakes me up… so I feel afraid from time to time at night… you’d think I’ll be sensible about it and try to find a way to relax, instead, I rent horror movies, thinking that this would give me the full experience :)

    • Haha, that’s funny. I’m notoriously bad with horror movies, but then, I’ve lived in some not-quiet neighbourhoods.

      I do not have to worry about DEADLY BUGABOOS though. Heh.

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