> Laney: Take care of that

This is a collaboration. I don’t know if there is actually a reading order, but it started here.

> Laney: Take care of that.

If by “that”, you mean the rather serious gash in your hand, you will need a few things. The handiest would, of course, be a FIRST AID KIT. You have many of these, but your love of HORRIBLE JRPGS has given you the unfortunate habit of hiding them (as well as many other USEFUL ITEMS) all over your house and the land around it. You know for a fact that there is not a single FIRST AID KIT in your room.

> Laney: Pick up FIRST AID KIT.

Weren’t you listening? There aren’t any of those in your room!

Actually, that isn’t entirely fair. It’s too DARK to tell if there’s anything in your room unless you trip over it.

>Laney’s eyes: Adjust to the DARK.

You squint into the DARK, trying to force your night vision to improve. However, it is not night, so this only gives you a headache.

While you go about this futile task, you cross your room to get away from the howling outside. It’s probably just the WIND, but it’s best to be careful. Almost immediately, you trip over something metal. You know that it is metal because of the sound it makes when it connects with your foot.

You are kind of a KLUTZ.

But you appear to be a lucky KLUTZ. The item you tripped over turns out to be a TORCH.

> Shine TORCH.

A cone of light cuts through the DARK. Any light at all is a boon to you. The THINGS in the DARK hate it, and will leave it and you alone. For a little while.


First shining the torch on your hand, you examine the wound. Blushing, you wipe your hand on your jeans and mumble a POORLY CONSTRUCTED EXCUSE. There is nothing very wrong with your hand. You just nicked it. Drama queen.

That taken care of, you saunter out into the hall, affecting confidence and swagger. Your TORCH lights the way and lends some credence to your otherwise silly walk.


Suddenly, with no warning whatsoever–the lights come back on.

You stand in the hallway, holding your TORCH and feeling stupid. There is nothing scary about your house with all of the lights on. It looks like a pleasant country farmhouse with ROOSTERS plastered over everything. You turn up your nose at them. ROOSTERS are nothing like as cool as ELEPHANTS. Your SISTER is clearly INSANE for thinking that ROOSTERS are in any way superior.

Speaking of your SISTER, you wonder where she is. You should probably go look for her. Her room is on the ground floor, and the THINGS usually start prowling around there first.

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