> Laney: Chatter

This is a collaboration with Dither. I don’t know if there is actually a reading order, but it started here. Actually, I think they’re sort of running parallel, so I have no idea how to suggest reading that.

This took forever because it needed both of us and then I had to edit it. Skype is a pain in the butt with all the time and user tags. Ugh. Also had to rewrite the bit at the end and take out some tangents.


originalSynthesist began scandalising graphicalExorcist

OS: So, I couldn’t help but notice…
OS: You are so totally online.
OS: And I’m online.
OS: And we could totally…
OS: Chat.
OS: Y/N?
GE: lol totes y
OS: What does that even mean?
GE: totally
GE: as in u r totally lame
GE: only not chill out
OS: Derp. I should have remembered that.
OS: Chatspeak escapes me for the most part.
GE: how? ur on the computer like always
GE: d/ling the world
OS: Speaking of downloading…
OS: What are you doing later?
GE: depends r u hitting on me
OS: What I meant to say was…
OS: I’m downloading Hollow 2.
OS: As we speak.
GE: woah
GE: woah hollow 2
GE: give it over pirate!
OS: I pre-ordered it. So shut up.
OS: It’s called “sneaking a peak.”
GE: how come u can d/l it tho
GE: to sneak that peek
GE: i thought it wasnt done yet
OS: The source was leaked.
GE: i thought sources leaked info
GE: its like a james bond thing right?
OS: No, the source code. I mean the game. Still in its development state. Don’t you pay attention to the news?
GE: what news?
GE: is this game spy thing on channel 3 now?
GE: screw real crime
GE: mf be stealing a game
GE: so wait development state means it doesnt work?
GE: like its just lines of code
GE: holding it like its trying ta get away
OS: I just got a major bump in download rate.
GE: whats that even mean tho
OS: It means we can play sooner.
GE: oh right cool
OS: I have BitTurret running. With this, it’s only going to be more like 4 hours.
GE: thats 4ever
GE: lol
OS: It’s a big game.
OS: …And my connection sucks.
GE: how u gonna share it then
GE: i cant use bitturret my sister would die
GE: kill me first and then die
OS: I have a FetchBag account. I’ll upload it there and you can grab it nice and easy.
OS: No pirate activity for you.
GE: its awesome how u look out for lil ol me
GE: <3
OS: What is your sister’s deal with pirates anyway?
GE: i dunno she even hates the word
GE: pirates really make her mad
GE: doesnt matter what kind she wont let me have pirate breakfast cereal
OS: Maybe she actually likes pirates and she’s upset about how the word has been totally abused by the media.
GE: no stupid thats not it
GE: i think its some dark past stuff
GE: u kno
OS: No, I don’t know.
OS: Hey wait.
OS: Dude, someone is offering to share the game file with me directly.
GE: its a virus trap!
OS: You’re paranoid. But… No one ever contacts me on BitTurret.
GE: i didnt kno it even did that kind of thing
GE: is there pirate chatting too?
OS: Lol, it’s one of those features that more awesome pirates than me use.
GE: say no
GE: practise safe d/ling
OS: But.
OS: But.
OS: The game.
GE: 4 hours isnt that bad
OS: You’re the one who said that it’s “4ever”.
OS: I think I might know this guy.
OS: Let me Ogle his username.
GE: u have a crap connection and ur d/ling a big fat game
GE: should i start humming lift music?
OS: It’s ballisticArmageddon. Do you recognise it? I swear it’s on the tip of my tongue. Um, fingers.
GE: oh yeah thats DBs old u/n
GE: hes away tho
GE: wonder what hes doin

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