GoldStruck Guide, an unnecessary collection of links

This is probably not one of those things I do that will just go away if you wait long enough, and I have been posting rather prolifically on the subject and within range of actually continuing the thing itself. As it is a cross-blog story (or whatever you would call it) and I don’t think Dither and I have any followers in common, I thought I would (belatedly) put together the occasional list of links so that people can read both sides of what is going on and therefore not be confused. Or at least be less confused.

GoldStruck is basically a Homestuck-themed game of Let’s Pretend. If I were a better artist with less arthritis, I would probably have insisted on drawing illustrations as in the “real thing”. But that would be time consuming and I’d probably be better off putting that kind of effort into something original anyway. So the prose just has to be enough.

We discussed doing this at great length, and I honestly thought it was going to be one of those things that sounds fun but we would never do it, until I checked my hubby’s blog and found that he had written a first entry. That entry has been linked to many times, but this is a links collection so here it is again.

I loved it, and I had just drawn Laney Coats, so I used her as my character to write the next one. Possibly my biggest reason for using her was that I had made a Homestuck joke when I posted the picture. It was not easy for me to write it, since I was at work where I have no internet. But I managed with the iPad2 and my phone as a wi-fi hotspot.

Soon after, Dither posted again, taking his turn. Things were going well.

Then my work day got really busy. I was out and about, and using the iPad for work so I couldn’t use it to write. My phone usually works fine for blog posts, but I had to keep putting it down and it was overheating like crazy because of it being one of the hottest days this summer. The battery expended itself faster than usual, and by the time I’d finished my second post, I had about 20% power left.

With barely enough battery power to read Dither’s next post (I was so annoyed at him for having reliable internet, air conditioning, and a computing device with a real keyboard. I’m such a brat), I reluctantly resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to write again until I got home. And for once, I was not far ahead of him. Oh traffic.

But when I did get my chance to write, I had a blast. The lights finally went on, after a bit more playing around. Really, I probably could have strung out quite a lot of Laney’s intro before getting her to a computer, but I wanted to join paths with my hubby and I didn’t want to feel like I was keeping him waiting.

We had somewhere we had to be that night, so Dither scurried through another post. All the while with me promising I’d get Laney to a computer so we’d actually be playing together in a less misty sense. He finished right before we had to go, so that was awesome.

I was going to write when we got back, but it was super late so I just kind of passed out instead. But in the morning, I went straight for my computer. That was when Laney had an ALTERCATION with her SISTER. Hee.

Sometime later, Dither posted again. Finally leading up to the post where we would have to decide whose blog would play host.

Mine won. And then we had the lengthy problem of working out a chat log between our characters. We started it a bit aimless and had to pause to work some things out, and even then I still had to edit the chat beyond just removing Skype poop (names and timestamps so stupid). That took forever. All of it.

And then we had to do another! But this one was a little easier. Even though we ended up meandering, had a long discussion about future plans and had to re-roleplay the latter half of the chat. This log went on Dither’s blog. His turn to host it, I guess. We don’t really have anything formal set in place.

Followed by my favourite post of the day! I actually started writing it while I was writing digitalBlacksmith/Finn’s side of the chat. I started writing the thing about his being VERBOSE and ARROGANT in Notepad, then saved it as finntro.txt in case my computer crashed (again).

And now I feel like I should have written a brief character guide. There’s not a lot to tell so far.

Nick is a creature of comfort who is incredibly excited over downloading a specific new game, despite wrestling with his crippling negative mood rating.

Laney is a clumsy neurotic haunted by eldritch terrors who collects sharp knives and lives with her older sister in a dilapidated farmhouse.

Finn is a confident hacker who takes pleasure in petty rebellion such as software piracy and helps his uncle by feeding the dragon Libertina (whom they both hate).

There is a fourth character, but she has yet to appear. I hope this cleared some things up and that some people will be able to read future GoldStruck posts and enjoy them in spite of any confusion inherent with this cross-posting business. I’ll also try to link to previous posts on Dither’s blog when I upload new ones.


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