> Laney: Install and play

Previously, on GoldStruck!

This is a collaboration with Dither. I will probably always remind you of that.

> Laney: Install and play.

Technically, the STUDY computer is a shared computer. But since your SISTER only ever uses it to bait MIDDLE-AGED MEN on free dating sites for KICKS, you figure she won’t care if you add Hollow 2 to your meagre PC game collection. You used to worry about it, and found refuge in CONSOLE GAMES, but your skin still stings from the SWITCHING you received earlier. Violence tends to speed your neuroses to a new conclusion.

You double-click the installer and lean back in the plush armchair. It creaks against your insignificant little girl weight, as if making a comment about your FLAT CHEST and NARROW HIPS that are nearly indistinguishable from your waist. You would be much happier with a DESK CHAIR that SPINS. But this blue monster is jammed in under the desk. It’s not going anywhere.


On the other side of the STUDY DOOR, you can hear your SISTER tidying up. For some reason, this involves moving furniture and making a lot of banging noises. At least she doesn’t ever ask you to help her.

A splash page depicting a giant hole in rich earth pops up onto the screen. You watch a green progress bar fill up very slowly, tapping your fingers against the mouse. Hollow 2’s logo looks different from the first Hollow game. Less cartoony.

> Play with KNIFE while waiting.

KNIVES aren’t toys! And you can’t practise throwing it in the STUDY anyway.

> Scandalise DB.

Finn is away. You could amuse yourself by sending him a few messages inquiring after his latest HEROIC FEATS, but you’d still have to wait for him to get back to answer them.

> Draw a picture.

Now that’s a good idea. You open up LIMP and get your DRAWING TABLET. It was a present from one of your SISTER’S many SUITORS, a broad-shouldered, square-jawed fellow who seemed to think that the way to her heart was through making you like him. It had lasted a week.

You start drawing a PHOTOREALISTIC PORTRAIT of the ELEPHANT SOFT TOY that sits on a corner of the desk, occasionally alt-tabbing over to the install window to check its progress.

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