> Talk to friend about this game that is not happening

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This is a collaboration with Dither. I will probably always remind you of that.


originalSynthesist began scandalising graphicalExorcist

OS: This is weird. Can you see anything I’m doing?
GE: why would i see what ur doin?
OS: I’m looking at a map with this house and trees and stuff. Like that farm game.
OS: It looks like everything has to be built underground.
GE: lol they added farm nation features to a hollow game
GE: i dont see any of that tho
GE: it loaded up but it’s just a black screen
OS: “Get to it then?” That’s ridiculous.
OS: Get to what?
GE: dunno is it in the manual?
GE: i didnt wanna update my pdf reader thing
OS: Not really. This this is basically unreadable.
OS: I’ve been rewriting it as I go.
GE: mebbe they shoulda hired u
GE: then at least this black screen would have pictures or something
OS: Lol, I wish. But still. You don’t see anything?
GE: just that stupid message
GE: none of the keys do anything either
OS: I am busy moving trees around to make room for this stuff. It’s like a real time farm mining game or something.
OS: It made me place a “Mine Entrance” and now I’m trying to figure out how to dig out more space for rooms and objects.
OS: Lol. Maybe your black screen is the ridiculous Fog of War.
GE: hang on
GE: theres this rumbling outside
GE: i think the lights might go off again
GE: stupid eldritch terrors
OS: Okay, I guess I can wait ’til you get back.
OS: I’ll see if I can build anything else.
OS: Or, I don’t know, dig.
GE: man i thought i was gonna be the one digging
GE: i thought a server just did server type things
GE: whatever those are
GE: cya in a sec
GE: after i check on these bloody terrors

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