> Laney: Explore

Previously, on GoldStruck!

This remains a collaboration with Dither.

> Explore.

Mind buzzing with the revelation that the Hollow series has apparently made a genre shift to PERVY HOUSE-PEEKING, you resolve to remove the WEBCAM from the computer in the STUDY. You are so weirded out that it doesn’t occur to you to consider the fact that you have no WEBCAMS in the house.

There is still a chance that your SISTER will try to rope you into helping to clean the house. You probably can’t climb down the tree to reach the ground safely, but there are other HOLES available.

> Find the most advantageous HOLE.

A doe-eyed SUSPICIOUSLY ANDROGYNOUS ACTOR gets a PUNCH IN THE GLOSSY FACE. You always though it was creepy anyway. You’re no stranger to gender ambiguity, but this… person has always taken it a little far.

This HOLE looks out over the SHED. It’s a bit of a squeeze, but the drop to the roof is of a negligible distance.

> Drop.

A cold breeze whips your long hair up straight over your head so that you resemble a TROLL. You hit the SHED ROOF with a heavy clang. The vibration of your landing still tingles through your legs as you climb down to the ground.


The heat of afternoon has already begun to fade. You look up at the leaves of the apple trees. It appears that Nick’s EVIL ORGANISATION SKILLS have been at work here as well. The trees that previously grew at random, thanks to POOR PLANNING have been moved into straight, orderly lines. They also don’t crowd the house anymore.

It looks BIZARRE.


You aren’t sure if you know what that means, although you seem to recall Nick saying something about it. With that vague knowledge in mind, you trek across the ORCHARD.

As you walk, a path of rich reddish brown soil begins to form beneath and ahead of you, apparently leading the way you need to go. Nick is so considerate.

You almost consider the fact that there are no WEBCAMS outside either. But your thoughts are suddenly consumed by a change in the landscape.


The rich colour of the path seemed to have expanded to cover an area the size of your LIVING ROOM. This area is cordoned off by POSTS and YELLOW CAUTION TAPE. In one corner of the area, you can see a neat pile of tools.

For a moment you wonder if Nick organised the tools as well, but then you decide that it’s probably just a feature of the game.

You’re still trying to figure out how the game can affect the REAL WORLD. But then you remind yourself that everything is REAL, for a given value of REAL, and stop worrying about it.

> Start digging.

You take and equip one lf the SHOVELS and walk over to the most DESIGNATED-looking part of the ZONED AREA.

It looks like you get to be the one doing the digging after all. You just hope that it doesn’t take too long. NIGHTFALL tends to bring out the ELDRITCH TERRORS.

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