> Laney: Begin to get annoyed at GAMEPLAY

Previously, on GoldStruck!

This remains a collaboration with Dither.

> Begin to get annoyed at GAMEPLAY.

Having grown up in the ORCHARD, you are no stranger to digging holes. Excavating a structurally sound MINE is a bit new, however you are good at using all of the right muscles so that you get the work done without tiring yourself too quickly. The game seems to have made it even easier somehow. You know that you should be putting up SHORING and probably looking at PLANS, but as you dig, things like that sort of seem to just take care of themselves.

The problem is, you’re starting to get bored. It was one thing in Hollow 1, where you sent little armies of DWARVES to dig a network of holes under the featureless game-planet. While they dug the MINES, you had to turn your attention to the many WARRING FACTIONS and RAMPANT CIVIL UNREST within your own settlements. You weren’t forced to focus on the digging.

There had also been a lot of quite creatively revolting MONSTERS to fight off.

You are about to worry about how that might work in the real world, what with those THINGS that like to lurk in the DARK, but then a new bit of EQUIPMENT pops into view. It appears as though it has been built into the wall, a few feet beyond the MINE ENTRANCE.

> Examine new EQUIPMENT.

It appears to be a COLOSSAL MAZE OF TUBES. There does not appear to be anything at all useful that can be done with them, other than to wonder at why Nick thought you needed this eyesore ruining the FENG SHUI of your MINE ENTRANCE.

Although after looking at it for a few moments longer, you see that what had first seemed to be a small series of very short TUBES is actually a CONTROL PANEL WITH COLOURED SWITCHES.

> Flip all of the RED SWITCHES.

Of course, the RED SWITCHES are always the best option. Especially when you have no idea what any of the SWITCHES do. You pick through the CONTROL PANEL, flicking up every single RED SWITCH.

Then you stand back and wait for something to happen.

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