> Laney: Solve SWITCH puzzle

Previously, on GoldStruck!

This is a collaboration with Dither.

> Solve SWITCH puzzle.

There’s a reason that you tend to play TERRIBLE JRPGS. You are not very good with puzzles. Games like MYST mock you like school bullies.

You continue to mess with the SWITCHES for a few more seconds, but to no avail. Then you see something out of the corner of your eye.

> Move to look more closely.

It appears to be some kind of cheesy TIMER. It appears to be COUNTING DOWN to something. You have no idea what it could mean, though.

This seems like a great time to take a break and return to the house to have another scandal at your friend.

> Get back to the house.

Okay, you do that.

> Really? It’s that easy?

Maybe not. You keep out of the shadows, and although you are certain that you hear heavy mouth-breathing, you make it to the house in one piece.


It’s DARK. The lights have gone out again.

Something growls, then something else attacks from the other direction!

> Fight off threat!

Claws rake at you, tearing skin and HIT POINTS. You draw your KNIFE and strike out at the THING that attacked you. You hear an unearthly squeal as cold sticky ELDRITCH BLOOD sprays over you. You swing again, but the THING has already retreated.

> Get to the STUDY.

You feel your way to the wall, then follow along it until you reach a door.

A slimey tentacle wraps around your ankle. Before it can give a mighty tug, you slice at the tentacle and remove it. More BLOOD and squealing.

But then something different happens. You see a pair of glowing eyes in the DARK. None of the ELDRITCH HORRORS have ever shown an aspect of light before.

> Check it out.

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