Start Stop Go

Hmm. I have been writing rather often lately, although the majority of my novelling time has gone over to editing. But none of it seems quite right. Probably I’m just in a trough again. This should be depressing and to some extent, it is. But I’m reading a lot more too, so maybe it’s just a coming down period. I was writing a lot in June. One might call excess on me. Now I indulge in what should really be called “drabble” at least a few times a time. Some of it I keep, most I do not.

Last night I wrote quite a bit, some of it expanding on a really old idea that I had kind of half-written in note form. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but then, it’s pretty old so I don’t even remember.

It was about a guy (in need of a name change) who grew up in a weird sort of enclosure and left it behind for the much more fun life of basically being a paranoid fugitive. At least, this is what he thinks happened. But I haven’t written that part yet. He starts out on the run from guys with guns, takes the high ground and then relinquishes it to hide in a skip.

The idea is that he’s already been caught by these guys, but they’re using him in illegal brain-mapping experiments, and so he’s reliving his memories while under the influence of these scary drugs. He’s hooked up to a machine that records his experiences, and I’m kind of hoping that he’ll get broken out or do it himself. There’s a group of people who might break him out, but it’s more likely that he’ll rescue himself and find them, because they’re more of a recovering survivors clan than anything.

There’s more to it than the brain-mapping, since it’s just a step in a process that could pave the way to erasing and rewriting personalities. Pretty sinister applications.

He finds this group on the cusp of changing to active status (whee freedom-fighting) and sort of gets caught up in it because he’s a dork and his brain has taken too many punches. It’s very likely that nothing he thinks about himself has ever been true.

Even this is just me spinning stuff round without thinking too hard about it. It’s actually a pretty dopey idea. It sounds too much like something I’ve done before without being as good, while also bouncing fearfully away from stories that I know to be similar. Also, freedom-fighters are so a dime a dozen. Bluh.


One thought on “Start Stop Go

  1. Its always in the way you present it… it can be a dosen bluh concept, but its up to you to make it original… and that’s by why, how, who and where…. good luck, keep it up.

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