> Laney: Use computer.

Previously, on GoldStruck!

This remains a collaboration with Dither.

> Laney: Use computer.

Now that you’re (relatively) safe in the STUDY, you retreat directly to the computer. Curling up in the monstrous blue chair, you push thoughts of your SISTER to the back of your mind. She can take care of herself. She has her SWITCH.

Even though the lights are out, the computer screen is still lit, awaiting interaction. This is because it is a LAPTOP and therefore relies on a battery to continue stalwartly on even during the frequent blackouts in your house.

Before Nick rearranged the orchard, trees blocked nearly every window, contributing to the DARK of the blackouts. Unfortunately, his efforts mean nothing now that the sun is down.

> Laney: Scandalise Nick.

You pull up the Chattervine client window and start typing. A few minutes later, you begin to suspect something is wrong. Nick is chatty and tends to either babble or answer you before you’ve even finished your questions. But he hasn’t even replied.

You conclude that he is away from his computer. Scowling, you type a scathing remark about netiquette, and then move to switch off the LAPTOP in order to conserve battery life.

Then you notice that someone else is online.

> Laney: Scandalise this friend in hopes that the status message does not lie.


graphicalExorcist started scandalising regalHotshot

GE: hey hey hey
GE: r u rly there?
GE: cuz im be pissed if sum1 elses chattervine says theyre there and theyre rly not

Hmm. Apparently this status message also lies.

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