You only have to sell the bridge once.

That is totally going to be a novel title. Maybe I’ll write something else come August. And holy crap doth it approach.

Yesterday we went to see Wicked. I know the music (thanks to my cousin) and I have started the book a few times, but I never really put it all together. This is the same thing I did with The Spelling Bee–although I don’t think that one has a book–so I got to experience it all new and stuff.

It was awesome.

The sound was kind of bad on a technical level, and at one point the equipment actually failed, so we missed a song. But I barely noticed. It didn’t even matter that we were up at the back and some crazy chick could not cut the umbilical and put her phone away.

There was merch that we did not buy but enjoyed looking at, and we had some interesting quirks. Which is the point of live performance.  There was a munchkin man in a skirt and I should very much like to know if his attire is somehow significant or just like that one pirate mincing about in that one performance of Pirates of Penzance.

One thought that really persisted in my mind throughout was how the part of Glinda in this was basically tailor-made for Bernadette Peters. We looked up if she had ever played it, and got stopped almost immediately by the fact that she is playing Glinda in a no-name company’s 3D movie.

It’s going to be awful, but I’m going to see it. Just about anything Oz outside of the original Baum books (and really, some of those are almost apocryphal when it comes to retconning) is awful.

Maybe I’m just too enamoured with the source though. I’ve written about it plenty of times on my blog, and even came up with some Darker and Edgier concepts for the characters.

But I don’t think that even then I disregarded the character’s personalities, situations, or backstories. I think I tried to expand on them, to branch out from the original and come to logical conclusions.

There is a difference between characterising Glinda the Good as a woman who became power-mad, and a Glinda the Good who was always corrupt under a façade. Just to use an example, since I think that was the first on my own list.

I just really liked the books. Especially The Marvellous Land of Oz. I liked Tip better than Dorothy, and a heck of a lot better than Trot. I also liked the passive-aggressive sinisterness of the PINHEADed Wizard.

Bonus points if you get that joke.


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