Geared Up and Nervous!

Camp NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo (Photo credit: mysterywriter40)

The next session of Camp NaNoWrimo 2012 begins the day after tomorrow. I need to re-read the first eight chapters of the Weight of Water and decide how the next chapter starts. I won’t worry too much about planning. Or that I’m not done editing the first book. D’oh.

There’s always the temptation to start something new for Camp, though. I think it’s just one of those effects that the event has on me. I don’t feel like facing that sort of monolith, but it’s a sort of inevitable hmm-ing feeling. If asked, I could totally BS a story without thinking about it.

E.g., Scarlet gets lost on a school trip to see some poor man’s ruins in her tiny hometown and discovers a giant spire. She finds a door inside and meets some small, child-sized people who explain that the thing is called the Edifice, and that it is their master’s instrument for the enslavement and manipulation of entire races. She charms the evil mastermind and changes the purpose of the Edifice.

Or something. I dunno.

I’ve been rather blog-missing lately for the same old reasons: really busy and my wrist is doing that stupid swelling thing again.

Listening to Flatfoot 56 while writing NPC dialogue puts me in a weird mood. But more on that later.


One thought on “Geared Up and Nervous!

  1. You are in that state where you feel changing, editing more or at a grander scale, even change the whole thing… its normal.
    Leonardo Da Vinci said art is never finished, its merely abandoned… meaning that there is always something to add. You have to stop when you feel you can abandon the book ‘your work of art’ without feeling sorry.
    So be honest to yourself, and good luck.

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