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First of all, I want to express gratitude for a blog award nomination from ahamin. He’s a bright, positive person who always leaves me insightful comments that brighten my day (and tend to show up when I have had an awful day, at that). Reading his style of blog-writing is calming and serene. So go check out his blog!

I don’t really go along with blog awards, largely because I don’t think I really write a proper blog, but I am grateful for the mention and I wanted to at least link back.

Because this would make for a pretty short post if I stopped there, and saying any more would be either gushing or dull, I thought I’d put in some links to other sites that I frequent and people might like or find useful.

Chaotic Shiny – Although I have a love/hate relationship with generators, this site is one that I continue to use. You would be hard-pressed to find another generator site with this kind of diversity and sheer numbers of generators for writing and table-top RPGs. There’s also Chaotic Shiny Productions, where you can buy supplemental material of the same type. – I am absolutely, stupidly in love with this site. Probably because I am the kind of person who will (and has) read the dictionary for fun. I will get onto this site and spend hours just reading and clicking from one symbol to another. My favourite are the old alchemy symbols. I got hung up for a bit reading it when I went just to find the link…

Mameshiba – There is probably no way to describe this. It has something of the effect of things like I Love Egg and…well, not Pucca, but it’s a webtoon. Little amputee dogs that camouflage themselves as beans pop out when people are eating beans (rather a wide range of beans) and deliver a disturbing fact in an adorable voice.

Dictionary of Victorian London – Very very useful if you write steampunk or want to.They even have a copy of the original penny dreadful, The String of Pearls. (you can find it under Publications > Popular Fiction). It doesn’t have the best organisation or layout, but it’s fun and good for research.

There, that seems eclectic enough. And…weird thought. Isn’t it funny how the internet compels us not to know people’s names? I read all the time and I have no idea what Flapjacks’s name really is. I’ve had friends who nicknamed me from my username. (on a site where my u/n was “drosselmeyer”, they called me DM and dross)

I’ve been listening to בקצב אחיד בתנועות של הגוף on repeat for a while. Thank you, Bandcamp~


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