Life and things like it

I’m beginning to think that getting up early is my super power. It’s not exactly what Gambit does, but it could be worse. I read Playing For Keeps, I know how crappy some super powers can be. …heh, there’s a pun in there, for anyone who’s read the book. A terrible, unintentional pun.

Writing this on my iPad because I’m too stiff to type. I saw my doctor and got more blood drawn, which is always a rather nice outing despite what other people might think. I’m going to start taking less medication. If this plan we’ve had ultimately doesn’t work, there’s still injections. So at lesst I’ll always be cool.

Yesterday I got hit by a car again. Did I mention it? It was such a stupidly small incident. Unlike
last time, I didn’t get hurt at all, and my car is fine. A taxi driver just let his foot slip off the brake at a stoplight. He stopped to see if I was okay, which is one of the reasons I didn’t worry too much (if he’d driven off, I might have panicked).

I decided not to do Camp this month so I can focus on finishing my edit and working on the game. It’s about an hour long now, and soon I’ll get to do a silly fetch quest reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7.

As much as I’d like to share (at the least) conversations from the game, I’m not quite sure how to do it. Even just copying and pasting the text from the events woud be difficult, and some of the scenes have movement in them. For example, in one scene, Nod and a friend are caught up in a guard raid and get attacked–not in a turn-based, RPG Maker battle. The sprites jump around the screen, there’s music and sound effects.

I could write prose versions of a scene or two, but I’m not sure how well that will work.

Yesterday, I watched a lot of old cartoons, and some new ones. I wish I knew why I still laugh at Spongebob but can’t sit through a Marvel animated series anymore. The Avengers looked fairly decent until they had a fight scene wherein Ironman kept getting childishly angry and Jarvis seemed to control everything in the suit.

Oh well. I ended up saying that some people who read books probably shouldn’t watch television. One of my favourite episodes of Supernatural bothers me because it references the Dracula movie, and I’m an insane fan of the book. I can’t watch Van Helsing either. But I may re-read Dracula today.

Actually, I might read a lot today. I feel a bit ill, and I want to see how The Good Knight ends.


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