Progress for the now

I can’t title my blog posts anymore. It’s been a very long day… Not necessarily bad, just long. Some discouraging things happened, but they aren’t that big a deal. I called my rheumatologist and got voicemail and no return call. I’ll call again tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the call without someone with very poor phone etiquette trying to talk to me at the same time. It was also beastly hot and I’m hurting a lot. Once again, the pain is waking me up at night.

However, I finished my first edit with Tracking Changes turned on, and I started going back through the document and accepting (or in some cases rejecting) those changes, as well as adding any more that I deem necessary. This part of the edit is the least intensive, since a lot of it is just catching things that didn’t really need to be changed, or further improving bits that I sliced up in the first edit.

It’s funny that I call it “the first edit” since I actually edit a good deal while writing. I used to save a lot of time by having my editing face on while writing, but I don’t do that quite so strongly now. I do re-read occasionally while writing, especially if a scene felt off or poor while I was writing it. It’s been a while since I’ve had to actually rewrite something wholesale–I think there was either an entire chapter or a significant part of one that I did three times from scratch while writing A Good Boy’s Guide to Breaking Things.

I had wanted the next time I mentioned Shifting Elements to be when I put it on Smashwords, but I haven’t done enough reading today to talk about anything else, it’s getting near the end of my day, and it was a bloody long one. I have to fix the cover as well. It’s not entirely greyscale, but it may look that way at first glance. And it won’t go up on the iBook store if its cover is greyscale. Whatever. Tinting stuff in PS7 is easy.

The game isn’t on hold so much as I’m focusing on this right now. I also don’t have a lot to do to finish up Chapter 1 (or whatever). Except for placing items in the “dungeon”, which I can’t do while we don’t yet have an item system in place (beyond plot/event items) and giving the shops inventory. And I’m not the one doing that.

I could go ahead and do more story stuff after finishing Chapter 1, and I should probably also start working on a title screen and chapter cards/eyecatches… The next map is done, and I have an event in place with its vague plan noted in the event log or whatever it’s called.

But it’d be really nice to have this book edited and up on Smashwords. Back to that now, ta.

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