In a good way. At last, I finished editing and started the laborious (and occasionally stupid on my part) process of publishing on Smashwords. My book can now be found here and hopefully will be available elsewhere in a week or so.

I just tested the epub on my iPad2 and it looks great. That’s definitely the format I suggest.

In case I haven’t talked much about it, the book is called Shifting Elements. It takes place in another world that was invaded by an alternate reality which deteriorated the barrier between it and other worlds. Portals open up from time to time, and agents of Corativellus, a commercial company, police and utilise these portals to different ends. In this book, one of those agents faces possible ascension to godhood, the choice of motherhood, and monsters that inflict a blight on their victims.

There’s action, romance, and a lot of silly bickering and harmless back-and-forth. If you like funny dialogue, that alone should be a good reason to get this book.


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