And so I find myself with ten minutes…

Listening to “They” – Jem, “Ordinary Days” – Paradise Lost

Not in a mood to read (although I have been getting on myself to re-read Les Mis recently) and even if I tried to, I’m pretty sure I’d be violently interrupted and just find myself in a horrible mood.

There’s nothing quite like being interrupted to turn creative people into bears. Maybe not all creative people are like this, but I know that I am.

The really funny thing? Right after I typed that, I got someone sticking their nose in my face and otherwise invading my personal space. So, two things that bug me.

A joke is not funnier with repetition (in fact, I think there’s some kind of law of diminishing returns in effect there) and if someone ever puts his or her face inches from mine, I am less inclined to pay attention to them, not more.

Grargh. See what I mean? Now I’m in a mood. Either I’m precognitive, or my life is getting predictable (or these people are). I want to write, but I feel like I don’t have any time, and I’m sort of torn between two different things I want to write. One is the book I was writing in July, and the other is Bailey Whistler and the Beheaded, the popular choice on the poll that used to be a stickied post.

Some info on that, since this is probably the most I’ll get to write in its regard until tomorrow… Bailey Whistler is a young lady who tells fortunes for her classmates. It’s total bunk, just a load of “tell ’em what they want to hear”, but one day she has an actual vision.

There’s more to it than this, but I’ve been interrupted about ten times now, and at least half of them were faces up my friggin’ nose, so… end of post.


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