Desiderata Demo, Build 1


For now, I’m “hosting” the demo through my 4shared account, and all you have to do is click this link and the blue Download Now button.  You shouldn’t need to download the RTP, but if for some reason you do, it can be found on Enterbrain’s website.

Most of what I have to say about this build that is not a spoiler for the story, I have said. However, for anyone who hasn’t read the relevant posts… This is an RPG made in RPG Maker VX, about a group of people who find that they all have items indicative of a puzzling mystery. They are not in the most stable life situations, and bad stuff happens, but they are practical and lucky, and manage to worm around and through the bad stuff.

It’s more of a JRPG than a Western RPG, in that the focus is on the narrative rather than on developing the character according to player choice. (this explains what I’m only mentioning briefly) Character relationships do play an essential part in the story, though, so we might implement a system to track choices made and changes in those relationships. But that’s a fairly major undertaking, and just having four choices for disguise nearly wiped me out.

Yes, coding the last major quest before the end of the chapter took longer than probably any other thing and maybe the rest of the chapter put together.

This is the first chapter of the game, Thieves and Trinkets.

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