Worst part of re-writing

Having to throw stuff away.

I don’t mind doing the new workload. I also don’t mind deleting crappy or superfluous stuff.  But getting rid of something that, on its own merits, is perfectly fine, really grates on my nerves. I hate to do it. For example, this:

When the last customer had gone, she retreated to the kitchen to help Dallas wash dishes. Once upon a time, there had been a board with names written on magnets, detaling who had dishwashing duty and when. Similar to the shift chart.

But in the case of washing up, Seo-Yun was thoroughly uninterested and never did it. Dallas had started picking up the slack first. Cursed with a conscience, Hermione couldn’t leave him to it alone. At least, not every day.

He was already up to his elbows in suds when she got there.

…is not a problem. However, I made a terrible mistake much earlier on. Seo-Yun is supposed to be aggressive and kind of volatile, but not unworthy of friendship or fans. I played with the idea of her directly antagonising or being careless towards Dallas, but after thinking about it more, I decided to get rid of that. This is left over from that idea. She can’t be this useless and mean.

Changing other things, like implying that she “borrowed” things from people’s lockers, was not that hard. I didn’t mind rewriting those lines, and I came up with something just as good. But this change requires deleting entire paragraphs. Seo-Yun is meant to be Hermione’s best friend. They didn’t spend enough time together before this point, and then it ends up with Hermione hanging out with Dallas, whom she is not supposed to know all that well.

So this whole thing has to go. Stab. Ugh.

I also seem to have forgotten that Joshua is the only one not at work that day. There is very little mention of Rory–although that could mean something else and be accidentally deliberate. He and Dallas are both people who tend to be forgotten or ignored, though. Dallas because he is a pansy, and Rory because he kind of falls into the background.

Ah well. I’m really just dragging my feet on this project. I don’t know why. I guess I just get like that sometimes.


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