Can’t think of a title so… KING OF TOWN

Today, I do not feel hot. Nor yesterday, nor any day that I haven’t posted. That’s usually my reason for not writing anything on my blog.

Despite upping my pain medication, I’m in a lot of pain, and today I’ve been sneezing and throwing up. So that’s fun.

However, I have also been busy. Over the weekend, I picked back up where I left off in Chapter Two of Desiderata. There are a lot of cutscenes in this part of the game, and it took a while to untangle switches and make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to.

I still think there are some story bugs, though, so while Dither works on the next map we need, I’m going to look back over the scenes I have done and try to see where the gaps are.

Right now, I think I fell prey to a common problem–the characters’ situation changed, and I got caught up in the moment. I just forgot about the major quest that had been building up in the first chapter, and let them develop their characters and relationships without remembering that they were chasing some kind of mystery.

Another problem is that I already know what’s going to happen to some extent, so it’s a little hard to throw in false leads and the search for information. That’s my own impatience showing.

Fortunately, I have an idea of where I can change things or insert new material that can fill in the gaps. Sadly, having a gap does not necessarily mean that there is a spot to put things. It’s complicated.

Hands are hurting, so I’m gonna go back to resting before I puke again. Ta.

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