Bright Side

Maybe not the best time to broach this subject, when I’m tired (have woken up before my alarm every day this week–including a nap!) and feeling sorta grumpy.

But be that as it may. I feel I need am infusion of the things I like. Especially since I’ve been in a consuming rather than a creating mood for so long.

I like twists. Especially when it is completely believable that the worst has happened but oh wait good times and the twist actually works. Yay bad grammar and confused syntax.

Good character-writing. Especially with supposedly difficult characters, such as children and those whose religious views differ from the writer’s. I thought of this as I am writing on my phone and it suggested “confuzzled”, which I had no idea was acceptable in a phone dictionary that did not have “aphorism” or “cinematography”.

Small rant, then I’ll be bright again. Confuzzled is not something I have ever heard a child say. And I have heard “Babytoven” instead of Beethoven. Just because you think it sounds adorable (btw, you’re wrong), does not mean a kid would actually say it.

Bright things!

I like love stories. Really. Even the predictable cheesy ones.

…and my day has begun. Dashing.


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