Abnormally restless

And it shows. I wake up every morning unable to breathe, and even if I went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 5:00, I have to get out of bed because my back hurts. It’s hot in the study, but I needed to get back to a desk, so we moved my computer back to a proper place.

It’s kind of weird. I feel like I moved house. Which is just silly. My desk is exactly as I left it. Right down to the cacao nibs that have not gone bad yet somehow. I think they might be immortal.

I need to stop staring at my books. I was sitting here trying to think of what to write about, and all I could do was stare at my Narnia books, trying to remember why I have two copies of The Magician’s Nephew. Same edition, too. It’s not my favourite, that would be The Horse and His Boy. And you can tell, that book is falling apart. I need a new one, but it has to be the same edition… Yes, I am strange.

Working on the game some more, but with the area we’re in being so story-heavy, I’m getting a little fatigued. I added the two scenes I felt were missing (finding the openings to fill the gaps wasn’t easy) but I’m still not quite satisfied. I also think the balance needs some work. I tried to go back and play through the whole chapter and immediately lost a party member in the first fight. Reloaded the game and the same thing happened.

Methinks someone is a killer DM.

But it’s only my job to complain about that, I don’t have to fix it myself. We need a balance between too easy and too hard. Losing a party member in the first fight in a new area doesn’t sound right. Healing items are expensive and you have to spend a turn reviving them… Yeah, I was the one who would drag dead characters all the way back to an inn just to save a revive item. I’m a scrooge.

There was a case where I didn’t do that, but it told on me.

I started with 100 Phoenix Downs! 100!


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