Series – You Have to Earn It

There are certain scenes and elements I want to write. This is all well and good, but there’s a problem. I can’t begin with any of these elements. Put quite simply, I have to earn it.

This is something I would often run into when writing a group story. A lot of the time, I saw certain characters at specific stages in development, but that was not who they would be at the beginning of the story. Sometimes, although I was able to dial them back, they turned out very different in the end. It’s not a bad thing.

Plot elements are a bigger problem. I can’t just write the good bits and then connect them later, I don’t really think that way. So I have to find my beginning and earn it.

That’s sort of where I am right now. I want to tell the story of the little girl in the picture I posted before, but her story really begins with her mother. And her mother’s story is rather a long one. Hopefully an interesting one, but it’d be a while before I could get to the part that concerns the little girl.

Writing a series, especially one that you plan or outline extensively, really leaves you vulnerable to this. I guess the solution really is to just write those parts that you’re longing to write… But personally, I think that would only cause more problems later.

Namely, that you’ll have possible continuity issues. Not only in plot, but also in characterisation. If you write that cool battle scene where Joanie overcomes her fear of heights, then in the course of writing the previous chapters portray her as already having overcome it–or forgetting to chaacterise that part of her–then you’ve got some major rewriting to do.

However you handle this, you still have to earn the good bits… By writing the connecting bits well enough to entice the readers along the way.


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