Your Beautiful Reassignment

I don’t think anyone remembers, but a while back when I was writing a story called Your Beautiful Predator, I scrapped it due to several issues, one of which being that it was not the story that went with that particular title. This happens sometimes. Usually it’s not a good enough reason to shelve a project, but I tend to come up with titles independently of the story. So sometimes I match the title to the wrong story.

Turns out, this is the title to a series. Every planned story in the series has a title and a brief synopsis, so it’s not like it’s something I’ve just pulled out of my ear. I’ve actually been working on it for a very long time, although I can’t remember now if I have ever mentioned it on my blog.

The first story is called “Dismal Wild and Here”. Right now, I have two beginnings, but I have pretty much decided which one I’m actually going to use and continue from–in fact, I’ve already gotten started fleshing it out to a full first chapter. This morning I wrote about 1000 words, which puts it at about half-finished at time of writing.

made using Gartner Cover Creator

The silliest of mock covers. I actually kind of want to use it when I’m done, though. It certainly strikes the right tone. I wonder if I shouldn’t add a blue cat to it, though. (The main character has a Russian Blue named Monday.)

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