Starting Chapter Two today

It’s going well enough. I’ve got about 10 minutes before I have to get going, but I thought that I should get a blog entry in while I’m still feeling pretty good. It hurts a bit to type, but I don’t notice it overmuch. I woke up about half an hour early today (thanks in part to a nap yesterday afternoon) and used that time to write.

I may be indulging a (possibly) bad habit of following events in too much detail. Hopefully I’ll find a place to gloss over events that I don’t need to follow directly and get on the part where they arrive in their new town.

It’d be nice if I could log my progress with a little less vaguery than has been my habit.

Dismal Wild and Here is about Saoirse Calloghan, a seventeen-year-old girl whose parents are moving in an attempt to strengthen their marriage and not resort to divorce. The strain on their relationship has worsened her own relationship with her mother. However, Saoirse supports the move and may have a reason not to want to stay in their hometown. When they arrive in the new town, she will discover a magical glade and those kinds of things will happen.

In the first chapter, her family finished packing up the moving truck and she took the car, hoping that her parents would spend time together and work on mending their relationship. However, her mother was not cool with the idea of her teenage daughter making an eight-hour drive by herself. They argued, and it’s confirmed right away in Chapter Two that Saoirse had to relinquish the car and join her dad in the truck.

The rest of Chapter Two will hopefully be their arrival and Saoirse making her first friend.


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