First Person Blues

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written in first person. I know people who don’t like to read it, and although this may not be one of the reasons, it is really hard to find it done well. A lot of writers think that since it’s the same viewpoint they would write a blog entry in, they just use the same voice.

In my case, that would be the worst thing I could possibly do. When I write a blog entry, I ramble, I go off on tangents, I repeat myself, and I use way too many modifiers. I also talk like myself. Who would ever think that writing a character like oneself is a good idea?

Haha, right there I have either invited scorn, argument, or tears. To which I am completely indifferent.

Putting aside the self-indulgent tendencies of others, I’m having trouble with this. The voice I’m using doesn’t make enough room for description. There’s also not a whole lot to describe. She’s in a hotel, a place that she makes a point of declaring the same as any other of its type. I’m having fun finding out things like Saoirse’s relationship with her mum, but I also feel really self-conscious about writing in ASE, and about the content. Hyper-awareness is a bad thing. It’s distracting me from what I should be doing, but it’s so open-ended, I’m not even quite sure what that is.

Still getting stuck in places. I’m about 1100 words into the second chapter, and they’re still on the way to their new home. I had planned to start in their new home, but the end of the second chapter needed the prose equivalent of a liaison. Oh, instincts.

Guess I’d better just get back to work.


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