Good Intentions, Poor Results

It’s not actually a good idea when schools try to make policies that require students’ home lives to accommodate. For example, a program encouraging kids to walk to school.

Why is this a bad idea? After all, the point is to get kids active and exercising. That could only be good, right?

Except that it just isn’t possible for everyone to comply.

Some kids have disabled parents, and are too young to walk to school alone. Other parents have work schedules that don’t allow them the luxury of half an hour spent walking.

And when kids with circumstances like these–generally quite out of their control–they blame themselves, or are blamed by other children. I’ve been there. When I couldn’t go along with one of these things, I felt that it was my own failing, and could not be convinced otherwise. Also, kids can be stunningly cruel. They will tease and accuse those who cannot fulfil the missive.

Schools are notoriously stupid about this kind of thing.


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