The Roar of Our Stars Round 2: Chat 5

This is the end of the second round. I’ve gotta say, Vivane is my favourite character. She’s so awful and insane. :]

Icon credits: First and  Second.


thelibrarian: oh shit its you again
leave me alone

That girl was insane. Kaapo shook his head and kicked out a leg at the wall, frustrated as much by the nervous energy that had made him get caught up in her weirdness as he was that he had gotten caught up in her weirdness. “How low can you get?” he muttered, pushing himself away from his computer and the bitter aftertaste of contact with the homerunhero. “Bringing Ro into your troll ramblings.”

Unfortunately, he pushed himself a little too hard. His chair launched backwards. After a split second of panic, he hit the floor. Hard. He bit his lip and heard something crack at the same time.

As he sat up, wiping blood from his mouth, he told himself that he had not actually broken his lip. Just the skin. A cursory inspection of his chair told him that he had split the wood of the chairback.

There was no time to appreciate any of these facts, however. The crash had alerted poor Nintendo to the existence of upsetting events. The stupid thing was barking and tearing at the bathroom door.

Holding his head, Kaapo pulled himself to his feet, then staggered to the bathroom. Shouting for silence had always struck him as a paradox, but he did it anyway. Nintendo did not calm down until he had opened the door and gave the dog a not-very-gentle love tap with his foot.

Violence from his master was apparently okay though. Nintendo stopped running around like a headless chicken and settled for the occasional bark that looked like a very brief seizure.

Kaapo knelt down on the bathroom rug and sighed, reaching out to scratch behind ears. A knock at the door returned both of them to frayed nerves.

Vivane did not waste time railing at the useless cartoonist. Aside from that last blistered plea. She hadn’t even wanted to talk to him, he’d just been the first person she had thought of. Usually that made it the right answer, but she must have made a miscalculation somewhere.

She went back to jostling and messaging Ronit at the fastest speed allowed by shaking fingers and the then-current limits of technology. Nothing. Not a blip online, no response to SMS or call. Ro hadn’t even updated any social networking sites in the past two hours.

A pessimist would have assumed that Vivane had realised her mistake too late. But pessimists did not pay attention to facts. Ro knew her friend was arrogant and high on herself. Ro would have made a Skype video call to make a presentation out of opening her package.

Clutching a fistful of her hair–which left plenty over to do whatever else it liked–Vivane flopped onto her bed, dislodging a genetically altered rabbit and her baseball bat. The rabbit levitated across the carpet to burrow in a pile of clothes.

She slid off the bed, cursing incoherently. As she landed on the floor, the entire room shook, as if her body had gained the status of megaton just before hitting the carpet.

The baseball bat rolled over to smack against her bare knee. She picked it up and scrambled to her feet and then out the bedroom door.

Maybe Ro was not the only one in trouble.


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