The Roar of Our Stars Round 3: Chat 2

Oh my gosh, I made so many mistakes with the type in this. I wrote it down right here, but in the image, I guess I just couldn’t help typing correctly. Curse my good habits.

Icon credits: First and Second.

pretendinaryfriend: h3y dud3 this is s0m3 crazy stuff
u s3nt m3

lolkarma is offline.
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pretendinaryfriend: crap ur still g0n3?
d0in that thing

lolkarma is offline.
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aqualass: Hey Travvers
Are you busy?

Travis did not get girls. His mother would have told him this was because he’d grown up around a ratio of men that would make an impressionable person think that was the only gender option available at birth. But he had never talked ot her about it.

When he talked to Persephone, he jumped between horrified anger to friendly disbelief with a range of mostly positive emotions in between. But with Aronshy, he just felt out of his depth. It didn’t even matter what topic came up in their conversations.

He suspected that she would have baffled him just as much if she hadn’t been a girl, but there wasn’t exactly a way to test that, so he left it to the aether.

At any rate, she seemed to have calmed down. But maybe that was because she had transferred her worries to him. There was never not someone in his house. Aronshy and her cousin whatever-his-name-was, presented a strange case to Travis.

“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked. He picked up his phone and started fumbling through his contact list. He was not the type to use his phone for anything but checking the time and baseball scores. But it was the only thing he could think to do. Even if random awkwardness had apparently cheered her up.

Her answer was just as baffling. He tried to write it off to her being Aronshy, but it didn’t quite scan. Nevertheless, he put the phone back down.

*Yeah. You’re right hes probably just shopping*

Aronshy grimaced at what she’d typed, her pinky hovering over the Return key. It wasn’t right to lie. Her mother had taught her that honesty was the best policy. She wasn’t yet old enough to think of that adage in a cynical light.

She moved her pinky up to the Backspac key and then pressed it, holding her finger down hard against the key until the computer’s default sound dingged itself into electronic hiccoughs.

Then she started again. *actually no* she typed, then added, *I think I should go look for him.*

Travis told her to be careful, and for some reason, it struck her as more than just being polite.

“I will,” she said aloud, typing same.

She was still dressed to go out. She hadn’t even taken off her shoes. Checking that her phone held a decent charge, in case Garrett tried to call her, she turned off her computer and went back outside.

Clouds were gathering overhead. Storms back home had never scared her, but things changed. She hoped that Garrett hadn’t left the base. But she took out her bicycle just in case.

Wind pulled her hair out of her school braid. Strands of hair slapped against her face with surprising violence. She tried to tuck it back in, but she needed both hands to keep her balance. As she turned a corner, something small and black leapt out at her.

She wrenched herself aside, but the wind took the opportunity to send her toppling onto her side. Somehow she managed to stand and leap away from the crashing bicycle. But the black thing wove between her feet, scratching at her bare legs.

Kicking frantically, she retreated to the nearest building.


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