The Roar of Our Stars Round 3: Chat 5

Icon credit: Only.

shillelaghins: Hey Viv I got your package!

homerunherois offline.
Your message will be sent when homerunhero logs in again.

Two glowing green eyes peered out from the package. Ronit stood up fast, but her legs got tangled up in the power cable. She pulled it from the wall in her struggles to stand. The laptop fell to the carpet and snapped itself shut.

As if pinned where she had fallen, Ronit watched in stunned silence as the eyes rose higher. Like a scarf being pulled from a magician’s hat, there followed a nose, a strangely human mouth, shoulders, a torso…

In a few seconds, a grey humanoid thing was standing on her bed. It looked down at her and, in a mechanical voice with a metallic echo, it asked her for her rank. She threw a shoe at it.

Scrambling to her feet, she hurried to the door. She had it half open when she realised that the robot–this was Vivane, of course it was a robot–was still standing on her bed. It gazed down at the shoe, which had struck its chest before dropping to the floor.

It looked bewildered. Almost unhappy.

Ronit swore under her breath, not entirely in English, and then walked away from the door, leaving it open. “Look at you,” she said to the robot. “I wish your, er… wait, is she your creator or your mum? I haven’t read enough science fiction to… Never mind.” She waved a hand about as if clearing away smoke from in front of her face. “I wish Viv had told me she was sending an electric person.”

It fixed its glowing green gaze on her. “You are not General Gedde. Where is General Gedde?”

The relief that had begun to ease Ronit’s nerves halted, as if it had been flowing from a bottle then stoppered up. “I don’t know any general…”

The green eyes darkened. “Thief.”


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