Desiderata overhaul

It’s been a while since I worked on Desiderata, mostly because I had terrible block. But we got a working link up (I’m writing this on my iPad, so I can’t put up the link right now, but a search for the demo on my blog will turn it up) on Mediafire, thanks to someone pointing out that 4shared demands an account.

Dither put up a post about the project on and we got some nice feedback. Thanks to that feedback, I started making some changes and adding some significant content to Chapter One. A few were ones I thought we needed already.

I made a graphic for Chapter Two, and placed some event markers in one of the newer areas. The block I’ve been having was largely regarding NPCs and free reign sidequests. I also worry that a big chunk of the second chapter is on a plot railroad. I have so little to do with items, I think I forget about giving them to the player.

Still not sure what I’ll do in this new area, but I have a start: a shouting, possibly cuckolded man. It’d be nice if this quest had multiple outcomes.

It’s nice to get something done, especially right now. I got some really nice compliments for the dialogue, too. Glee.

I feel like Lucy Westenra. Too much pain, blah.


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