Not too many. Mostly, I have made some changes in my diet (cutting down on refined sugar with the goal of removing it as entirely as possible) in the hopes that it’ll improve my pain levels. I also got a haircut! And I’ve been spending a lot of time at my parents’ house. I need the extra help.

Counting down is a hard way to pass the time, so I’m trying to keep busy too. Thanks to the feedback I think I mentioned, I’ve been adding a fairly big, yet miss-able event to the first chapter of Desiderata. The event that sparked it is basically done–missing the link to the next part of that sidestory, which also needs to be made.

I’m also reading a lot. I found a huge zip file of 600 ebooks that I got from a teaching website yonks ago, and picked out a few of them. Surprisingly, it included the Dexter series and plenty of other books that are not exactly public domain classics. So I’ve been reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter and spent the morning kind of sleeping off and on.

Pain makes me dozy.

When I get back to my digital art equipment (haha), I’ll try to draw my new hair.


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