I get it now

I finally understand what it is that bothers me about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It is that much of the character conflict plays out thusly.

One character is assumed to be in the wrong. If the conflict is that two characters disagree or are otherwise at cross purposes, only one of them is portrayed as having done wrong, made a mistake, or behaved badly. The other is either treated as a victim or blameless, or their own bad behavior is ignored.

This is incredibly bad for the impressionable mind. This kind of story treatment teaches that in every conflict, not only is someone always at fault, but that it is also only the fault of one person. Of course, anyone who thinks this way will invariably cast herself as the wronged victim. Need I go on?

This is a problem with a lot of media these days, particularly when children are the intended audience. I’ve talked about the power fantasies, wherein children have the power and escape all consequences. This is more of the same.


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