Long time no see

There is a very good reason that I have not been blogging. I have not had internet access. Hehe.

We’ve been working on moving into our new flat for… bah, yonks. It’s been a laborious process since I can’t really walk and certainly can’t lift anything, and we had to wait for people’s schedules to align so that anyone could get anything done. And then of course we kept forgetting things.

It’s almost over, though. We’ve been living in the new place since… I think Wednesday night. It’s smaller than our old place, in a cozy, preferable way, yet somehow has more usable space. As of now, my computer is set up (with my husband’s monitor, since some cables were missing), the TV and 360 are up, and our table has a new home while we have A LOVESEAT.

Having anything like a sofa is a dream come true. I have all but slept on it. I may not ever do so, it’s bad for the back. But still. A loveseat. We can sit and watch movies like regular people do!

The drawers still need to make the move, which means that we’re kind of living out of a laundry basket and some bags for clothing, but we have shampoo (although I have to admit I forgot half of the bathroom supplies) and stuff. I sort of like living around a bunch of boxes. But of course, I’m weird.

To make up for my total inability to blog or waste time online, I have been reading (Dexter in the Dark) and working on Desiderata like a madwoman. I finished my part of chapter two, and now I’m playing through the game as we have it to find whatever small (or game-breaking) bugs I can.

Right now, my to-do list of things to fix or change is pretty long, but I think I’ll take an hour to work on it. I’m pretty excited. I added a lot of content to chapter one, and much, much more to chapter two, which we had thought done quite a while ago. There’s also a fairly good basis for chapter three.

I’m trying not to dwell on it, but there is one thing that I think we need to flesh out and get handled before we go on. There’s going to be a possible split at the end of the third or fourth chapter, and those diverting paths can be unlocked either by making choices or exploring. One of those paths currently has an abstract foundation, without any coding to it as yet.

We’ll figure it out.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get our internet up and going soon, so I can go back to regular posting. I have some books to finish and review.


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