Another unexpected bump

Well, we got our internet back, but then my health decided it was time to take a dive. I went to bed queasy and woke up vomiting and all the lovely connotations included. It was apparently just a twenty-four hour thing, but twenty-four is a lot of hours. Luckily I had picked up this virus (or whatever it was) the previous afternoon and was able to sleep through at least three hours before the worst really got started.

I never thought I’d be glad of incubation periods. Huh.

Anyway, that happened. I spent the day taking care of myself, glad that I could prop up my iPad in the bathroom while I soaked in the bath to ease my stomach. I saw Being John Malkovitch for the first time. It surprised me how little I liked it. But I didn’t hate it, I just sort of felt helplessly indifferent, seeking out some character I could drum up some positive feeling for. I don’t need a sympathetic protagonist, I just need to care a little.

The other effect of getting sick like that is that my body is fatigued and sorer than usual afterwards. I couldn’t keep all of my RA meds down, so I’m kind of working on a lower dosage until I readjust to what is normal (probably by this afternoon). There’s also the small fact that the weather is getting significantly colder rather quickly (16C/60F down to 5C/41F in a day, and it snowed in West Jordan) which does a number on me.

I’m lucky I’m doing a post today, honestly. Heh.

But I have an idea for something else I want to write about that isn’t just me typing “I’M OLD” over and over. It’s about Yarny and Publification.


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