New skills in RPG Maker

I don’t think I’ve talked about it a lot (although I might well have), but lately I have been making a large number of maps for Desiderata.

When I first asked my hubby if he wanted to work on an RPG Maker game together, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to collaborate with him (other than wanting to collaborate with him) was that I needed someone else to make maps.

But even when he isn’t tired or otherwise occupied, I have a lot more time to work on the game than he does. And when I need him to make a map or I can literally not continue, it’s really hard to wait for him to get time to make that map.

It started when I had one quest left to finish up Chapter Two. Technically, there were two, but I never remembered the very last one until I actually did it. The map wherein the majority of this quest would take place was only half-finished, and in fact, the tileset was lacking.

I had outlined a lot of the quest, but couldn’t do any more than that, so I compensated by making tents, which was the thing that the tileset had not previously offered. After I made them, I went ahead and placed them, then added stuff, until I had (more or less) completed the map.

After that, I populated it with events, and basically finished the quest.

When I asked Dither if he minded my finishing the map, he suggested I make one of the wizard houses that I had also asked him to make.

So I did. And it came out rather awesome. So awesome, that a day or two later, I made the other two wizard houses. Then, I remade from scratch a map that he had said he wanted to remake. To that, I added three more, subsidiary maps.

Today, I made seven maps that link together with the six (exterior and interior) wizard house maps that I made before. The 1/4 scale composite map of the entire city is 962 x 1091 pixels. And I only have one more exterior map to make for the city to be complete.

I still have to decorate it, spice it up a little with details, and obviously I have to start doing events, but I made a ridiculous amount of progress in a couple of hours.

…I’m kind of tired. ^^ But happy. And amazed.


One thought on “New skills in RPG Maker

  1. I still didn’t give RPG maker a try yet, will do as soon as I finish my last term.
    I’m so in the mood though, so much that I started playing Final Fantasy I… yes, that much :)

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