NaNo 2012 Day 1

That’s right, I decided to do it. I got a text from a friend almost at the last minute saying that she was going to try NaNo this year. It was crazy. In a good way. Of course, I can’t not do it now.

I woke up around 6 and started writing, and I got about 1000 words before stopping for breakfast. When I went back to it, my flow was completely broken, and looking at what I had written sent me into a depressive mood swing.

I got mad and shouted at it for a while, then took a shower and had a think. Hedging back and forth on following through with this crazy plan of action, whining about how long it’s been since I’ve written anything, fussing…

Then I finished watching a movie that I had been trying to get to work since last night, and played a game. Still hedging and fussing and trying to make a decision. I could not continue with what I wrote this morning, it was crap.

Then I started anew, just like with my false starts. All of my thinking had me place the beginning better, understand the main character better… Good stuff like that.

I got about 2651 words in an hour and a half, which I think is enough for the first chapter.

Then I went online to input my wordcount, and of course, the site is predictably down. So I have time to write more, I guess, and hope that eventually the site will be back up and I can look like I amazingly did it all in one day after days of procrastinating.

It’s nice to have written again. I hope I can finish it…


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