NaNo 2012 Day 2

My best times for writing may be changing. I got up later this morning, and again wrote about a thousand words (I kept these, though) and then took a break to do some more eventing in Desiderata. I also had to reorganise my thinking. There is a lot to be done in this chapter, and almost all of it is still just a vague plan.

As far as Desiderata goes, I’ve done my best work either when I had a clear checklist of things that needed doing, or when I was held up from even planning by not having enough maps. Right now, I have more than ten maps (many of them quite large) that need events, and for that, I have to change my mindset from mapping to eventing. As well as getting my checklist more clear points.

My story for this year’s NaNoWriMo is called Private Server and so far it’s got a very claustrophobic cast. I’ve gotten three chapters done so far, and there are just about as many characters. The world is currently quite empty, but that’s part of the point. Heh, it’s even in the title, although that was a completely random thing.

I may be shifting from needing music to write to needing silence. I just used FocusWriter for about an hour without anything but typing noises and an empty flat, and that was pretty much how I wrote yesterday (house instead of flat). It’s been a nice, stress-free day. I even got to mess around and do nothing productive for about an hour.

…okay, so I was resting. That’s almost not productive.


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