NaNo 2012 Day 5

Yesterday should have been a crazy day of writing for hours, but I got some news (which I can’t share for a while, sorry) and decided to give myself a day off from everything.

I made up for it today, though. 3,659 new words, making up 99% of Chapter 6 and 40% of Chapter 7. I hit a bit of a rut at one point, but I think I have myself mostly out of it now.

As promised, I shall try to explain what this novel is about. Anyone who has checked out the novel info on my NaNoWriMo userpage will have noticed that the summary is pretty thin. This is because I’m dumb about spoilers.

Cooper and Sigrid are both late to school, and to make matters worse, their way is blocked–by a district-wide police barricade. Driven by Sigrid’s desire to reach the school regardless, they get past the barricade, only to find that it was put in place to protect the citizens from monsters.

They make their way to the school and meet up with Cooper’s friend Lorry, a weirdo who had fallen asleep in a supply closet and so missed the time when the school was evacuated. The three of them each receive a strange email and apk file, both pertaining to hunting demons. They must decide whether to believe the information in the email and use the attached app.

Which, of course, they do.

I have a cover, which you can see here. (mousing over will let you view it at a bigger resolution) However, I do have a bigger version which will make it on my blog eventually… I’m just on the wrong computer right now.

Things are getting exciting. Each of the three main characters has their own demon companion now, but they are afraid of gathering more demons to their side. They are also starting to get over the high of basically playing a live action video game and are remembering to wonder what’s going on and what is going to happen to them.

Cooper has also managed to fudge the instructions when allying himself with his demon, which may have some pretty dire consequences.

Who is the person who sent the email? And what about the cryptic help feature of the demon alliance app? Did I really just name the app when I have written several thousand words in the novel without doing so beyond positing that it might be called a demon hunter app?

I’m silly.


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