I have missed blogging.

Things are still about where they were the last time that I wrangled myself computer-ward to blog, only more so. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today, dunno if it’ll be long or short. We are about 12 weeks along now, which means I’m sliding into the second trimester and getting rather round. But I don’t feel round all the time, and it’s a gamble whether I think I’m “showing” yet or not. Right now I feel enormous, but I’m also wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit my big ol’ shoulders so that contributes, haha.

The preggy fog still gets pretty thick, but I’ve been reading more lately. Slogging through a very old edition of the Red Fairy Book, which lets me know just how edited mine was. Wow. Some of those stories make absolutely no sense at all. Even from a fairy tale perspective.

I haven’t studied Aarne-Thompson for a while, but I get the idea of the woman with a daughter marrying a widower with a prettier, nicer daughter. But one of the tales I read started by saying that the two girls were good friends, and that the woman had told the man’s daughter that if he married her, she would treat her better than the natural daughter.

Three days after the wedding, she was a regular evil stepmother. The father also disappeared immediately. I have never gotten this. I guess it’s just convenience. It still puzzles me. Fairy tales can be like mix-match books sometimes.

Ugh, I’m already getting dizzy and cold. Being cold always makes me nauseous. Go and figure that one out.


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