Life Update

I’ll do a “real” post after this, I already have it in mind.

There is officially a baby bump. Almost none of my clothes fit, which is only funny when I don’t have to go anywhere. We saw the doctor yesterday, and need to schedule a scan thing three weeks from now. When we get that, I’ll be able to tell people what colours to buy. ;p So I was right on my second guess, that we’ll know by February’s end.

My appetite is back, and it’s not terribly weird. I’ve always combined strange food anyway, so I’m well conditioned to people making faces at me. And I’m still right, it only sounds weird and IS DELICIOUS. Hollandaise sauce and buttermilk pancakes. You wish you had some right now.

We also finally got our mobile phone issues dealt with, which unfortunately meant getting completely new phones. Sometimes it is not fun to get new things. I liked my old one. But this one is rather shiny and it does mostly everything I did before. Just… kind of squishier. The UI is not as comfy. Still, shiny new things. And the battery does not run out after a 30 minute phone call.

Bought some books that I need to read. I may actually read at least one of them without laughing and slapping on a definite DNF label. I’m a bad person.

I waddle like a duck now. It’s hilarious. Between the belly and the RA that is pretty much not going to go into remission, my gait is the most ridiculous thing about me.


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