Up to something

Not me, of course. I’m still bogged down with a baby and a million glasses of water. My appetite is in, although it doesn’t really feel like mine. I’ve had a lot of ideas of things to write about, but it’s hard to focus.

My hubby is the one who is up to something. It’s the kind of thing I’d probably just do for fun, but that guy. ;p He just has to do everything big and sparkly. He puts it all a lot better than I would, so it’s best to read his post on the topic.

As for the voices, I can vouch for that. He’s a good actor, and he has a good repertoire, although I think they’d be put to better use as original voices than impersonations. But then, that’s the kind of thing I always think anyway.

Although his Andy Serkis Gollum is spot on. Our niece loves it. (even though she doesn’t like Cthulhu very much, which I suppose is only tangentially related. She thinks he is a frog–weird, since she likes frogs…) But oddly enough, she has the most fun with him when she plays Catch and gets him to just go all silent so she can laugh for twenty minutes. I love that kid.

But I digress. My hubby has big ideas and things he wants to do. And that means that I have to sit back and find a book while his plots percolate. When we take over the world, I’m the muscle. I leave the admin to him. Haha.

I have this prolonged desire to go to the bookstore and pick up a copy of The Physics of Superheroes, but something tells me that everything I want to read right now, I’d have to order online…

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