While reading an article, I came across an idea. Although this idea was presented with the intent to disparage it as ridiculous in and of itself as well as illustrating the nonsense in a similar concept, I actually liked it.

I’m only barely acquainted with the idea of hypertext fiction. It seems like an interesting way to go about it, especially as people like to turn almost everything into a game. (either for the sake of competition, trend, or just intensely susceptible to boredom) Just being able to click or tap something gets it the title “interactive”, even if the only interactivity available is, say, in an ebook that lets you move a lit candle about the page.

On that note, I do like interactive ebooks, even when they are mostly made up of such inconsequential token touches.

Stepping back a bit, what I ended up thinking was not quite (possibly not at all) what came up. I thought about adding hyperlinked supplemental material within the regular work. Perhaps something Wiki-esque, explaining terms or adding dumb little 4koma or doodles.

It’s not really anything new, but it struck me as an interesting thing to do. I dunno that I would. But I think I’d like to at least see someone else do it.

Doubtlessly, it wouldn’t be easy to do well. I’m sure that most writers would just write short stories in an even crappier style than their regular work and either drown the main body in links, or only manage one or two links near the beginning before stopping–or worse, they might end up peppering it with stupid jokes that are entirely dependant on memes and possibly even use images right off of tumblr.

On a completely different note, I’m getting really sick of computer antics. WordPress has gotten really dang ugly, and the UI actually makes Chrome throw fits. I wrote most of this post offline in Notepad, only to have that PLAINTEXT EDITOR force formatting onto the stupid WordPress post editor. And that’s just the stuff I feel prepared to complain about. The other stuff, I can’t even bring up without wanting to punch something.

Ooh, two posts in one day. Probably I’ll wimp out tomorrow and be a pain-wracked lump all day. Gonna go collapse now, the fatigue is upon us.


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