Today is…

This might be a short post. I’m dizzy and my hands are pretty swollen.

Today I woke up short of breath and grumpy. The latter passed, but not until after I checked my email and found someone else who thought it’d be great PR to link to completely unrelated posts in order to promote xirself. So annoying. It’d bother me less if these people actually looked at any of the blogs they’re linking, but no. They just click some of the random Zemanta links in the sidebar and then toddle onward in their pathetic little lives.

Guess what I would never do.

Less grumpy after I got out of bed and walked around a little. I had a real breakfast for once, and sat in the bathroom to take advantage of the steam from Dither’s shower. It’s not as effective as when I shower, but at least it’s not as ridiculous a production as when I try to take a bath. I suspect that the acrobatics I have to employ in order to get in and out cancel the beneficial properties of a warm bath. Ah well.

There’s a couple of books I want to finish today, but if this vertiginous sensation keeps up, I might have to spend a lot of the day sleeping. For heaven’s sake, I’m sitting down and that’s not helping.

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